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Moderation Policies

Moderation Policies

Reported posts are moderated in accordance with our policies, as well as general “good rules of the road” for social media usage. Posting about your books is NOT considered spam, regardless of what anyone says. Tagging someone on a post that you are not involved in and trying to gain from it IS spam.

Mastodon Specific Policies

Media Blocks & Silencing

EponaAuthor.Social has a list of server instances that are silenced, and this means their media is not automatically fetched onto our server and only accounts which follow them can see the server. If you encounter a legitimate reason to follow one of these accounts (for example a writing friend on that server), please reach out to support and explain the situation and we will review our policy.

Server Blocks & Suspensions

Additionally, there is a list of server instances that are blocked and/or suspended from our instance, most likely due to being a known spam or adult entertainment site or proponent of hate speech. In this case, these servers will not federate or interact with our instance at all, and we will not change or review this policy. While we understand that some of our members may write erotica or erotic romance (and hey, that’s cool. I have written it too, though don’t currently.), we choose not to allow blatant adult entertainment (aka porn) sites to federate with EponaAuthor.social.

Federating with Threads/Meta

We have chosen as a smaller instance not to federate with Threads/Meta for two reasons. First, Meta is not known for handling hate speech or disinformation well, and frankly, we don’t want that kind of stuff on our server. Secondly, there is a not-remote chance that Threads/Meta could overwhelm our small server and exponentially increase our costs. We are constantly reviewing this policy as things change with Threads/Meta, but at the moment, it appears they only wish to join the fediverse to monetize and mine our content, and as much as I am a proponent for interconnections, to be honest their behavior isn’t in our best interests.

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